Sacked and Skinned

Status: Completed – XP Award: 84 XP/character; Treasure: 200gp

Members of the party who frequent the Blue Moon Alehouse may have recently heard that Teldorthan Ironhews, Fallcrest’s dwarven weaponsmith and armorer, recently had some valueable cargo stolen from a trade caravan coming from Winterhaven. Teldorthan has mentioned that he would be willing to hire sellswords to retrieve his cargo if he can get a good recommendation.

Cold Death in Coppernight Hold (part 3): The party recovered the treated hide of a green dragon among the items in Szartharrax’s horde.

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 1): Seeley and Rozca talked with Teldorthan and returned the dragonscale. Teldorthan thanked them for returning the dragonscale and promised to let them know when the armor he was planning on making with it was completed.

Sacked and Skinned

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