Shards of Crystal

Cold Death in the Coppernight Hold (part 2)

Kobolds, Drakes, and Tieflings....oh my.

The party opened the doors and found a tiefling (Rozca) bound and gagged at the top of a set of stairs leading down. She was untied and she explained that she had been hired on as a guard for the caravan that had been attacked. Rozca joined the party looking for a little payback on the kobolds (and some loot!).

As the party pushed forward they found more kobolds, but still no sign of the missing dwarves. They found that the kobolds had set several traps in the hall to help deal with intruders. Finally the party discovered an area where the kobolds were playing a game where they used a spiked ball attached to a chain to try and score “points” by hitting skulls that were placed on several of the tombs. Del led the charge to smite the kobolds for desecrating the remains of the dead. During the battle a pair of guard drakes attacked the party, their claws and teeth tearing into Rozca and Slate viciously. The drakes were finally dispatched, but not before the party had decided that they needed to fall back and regroup. As the party retreated to up to the trapped tomb, they noticed that several of the kobolds had escaped and fled farther into the hall.



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