Player Benefits

What is it?

A system to reward players in-game for things they do to help make the campaign better overall.

What’s a Benefit Point?

Benefit Points function just like Action Points except:

  1. Persistent – Benefit Points don’t go away after an extended rest they continue with the character until they are used.
  2. Boss Encounter Edge – If an enemy uses an Action Point during an encounter then the player can use a Benefit Point. These points can be spent even if the player has already spent an Action Point during this encounter. This can be done each time an enemy uses an Action Point.

Earning Benefit Points

  • 500 words for journal updates and character back stories. Journal updates that are less than 500 words can be “added together” (usually 2 updates for 1 Benny)
  • Adding information to the Shards of Crystal wiki.

Benefit Points will be tracked through the Benefit Bank

Player Benefits

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