elemental shards

What is it?

Elemental shards are crystals of various sizes that contain a certain type of energy in a physical form.

What do they do?

Depending on what type of element the shard is will determine its effects. In general an elemental shard can be used in conjunction with a power with the same elemental keyword and it will enhance the power in some way.

Where can they be found?

There are many theories as to where elemental shards come from, however in general they can be found in places where the element is present. Some examples would be:
  • Fire shards may be found in areas that have suffered a large fire (i.e. forest fire) or has a large amount of natural fire (i.e. volcano)
  • Ice shards may be found in areas of natural cold (i.e. glaciers, mountain tops)
  • Poison shards may be found in toxic areas (i.e. bogs)

These examples by no means represent all the types of elemental shards that exist, and it is rumored that there are extremely rare and exotic shards that enhance psychic and force powers.

elemental shards

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