Aina’Tol, The Holy Isles
Location Type Islands
Geography Beach, Jungle, Mountain, Volcano
Climate Tropical
Natives Wild Elves
Creatures ???

To the south-west of the main continent lies Aina’tol, or the Holy Isles. This island chain contains ten isles that are the home of various tribes of wild elves who believe themselves to be the true descendants of the green elves, the Calen’Quessir, one with nature in all of its forms; fire, water, earth, and sky.

They are mostly cut off from the outside world, aside from the occasional trading ship that is allowed to dock on the main island in the chain. No other race is allowed to set foot on the islands and very little is known of the mysterious culture that has developed there.

From East to West, the isles are:


Shards of Crystal Rhyne