The Raven Queen's Shroud

The Raven Queen’s Shroud
The Raven Queen cloaks her champions in a shroud of darkness, a halo of divine magic that aids them in enforcing the dictates of fate.
Level: 3
Price: 680gp
Divine Boon

Power (Encounter): Minor Action. Choose a target within 10 squares of you. That target gains the mark of the Raven Queen until the end of the encounter. On your turn, you can reroll the result of one damage die against that target. This reroll does not alter the damage for other targets hit by an area or close attack.

Power (Daily * Teleportation): Minor Action. You teleport adjacent to the target that bears the mark of the Raven Queen.

Source: Dungeon Master’s Guide 2, page(s) 142.


The Raven Queen's Shroud

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