Fallen Wanderer from the Holy Isles. Now turned to the service of Orcus.


Allora is a wild elf renegade from Aina’Tol. Much like Seeley, Allora was chosen to become a Wanderer and was sent away from her people for a term of 100 years to learn what she could of the outside world.

Allora did not take to her destiny well and saw it as banishment, although it is unclear if this was just her feelings toward her fate or if she had actually been banished. It seemed that her bitterness consumed her and she had joined a cult of Orcist looking for revenge on the Holy Isles.

She came to Winterhaven and murdered the elven tracker Ninaran and took her place. Over the next year she worked as a spy for Kalarel, helping to ensure that the portal underneath the Keep could be opened.

She was beheaded by Slate, and her body soon rotted and decayed. Before she died she told Seeley her name and to “remember it, for we will meet again.” She also whispered that “Death is only the beginning.” before Slate’s axe took her head.



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