Shards of Crystal

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 9)

Enter the Bloodreavers

With the party rested they headed back to the maze of corridors that were warded by the Cult of Orcus. After examining the runes the party chose to use Kamal’s ritual of Tenser’s Floating Disk to float above the runes. Shortly afterwards the party found a secret chamber which concealed hidden armory. Unfortunately the armory contained more zombies which the party dispatched quickly. In the armory they found a set of old armor that was guarded by a riddle. Kamal quickly answered the riddle and claimed the suit of scale mail for the party.

The party then found themselves traveling deeper into the keep. A series of twisting staircases leading them further underground. In the lighted chamber at the bottom of the stairs they found a group of hobgoblins keeping guard. As the hobgoblin soldiers moved to attack the party and keep them bottled in the stairwell, a pair of hobgoblin thugs went to release a deathjump spider. Soon the spider was free and the party faced a disciplined foe with the pouncing attacks of the spider. As the fight turned in the party’s favor one of the soldiers tried to flee, but was cut down. However the party could hear the sounds of hobnail boots in the distance…



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