Shards of Crystal

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 6 )

The Restless Dead stir...

After a brief discussion on the stairs the party decided to head towards the area where Splug said that “Dead things walk”. So the party headed west into the dusty ruins. Seeley found that the area had a mix of goblin and hobgoblin tracks, with hobgoblins being in the majority. The party came to an area with some corridors and found evil ruins carved into the floor. Warding rune Del and Kamal determined that the ruins were some kind ward designed to prevent intruders from passing by them without suffering damage and creating a terrifying wailing sound. Before the party could investigate further they were attacked by shambling zombies who worked to surround the party. After a pitched battle the zombies were no more and an unsettling silence settled on the passageways. During the battle Splug fled back into the keep leaving the party to fight the undead horde.

After the first failed attempt to bypass the runes on the floor, the party chooses to follow the southern corridor where they found a crypt. Ten massive stone sarcophagi, five on each wall, lined this crypt. The sarcophagi were made from granite, with carved images of human warriors in plate armor. Sensing that another trap lay in wait for them, Seeley and Rozca moved cautiously forward to scout the area ahead. After the pair had reached the middle of the hallway skeleton warriors sprang from their resting place and attacked the party. The skeletons, animated by some power seemed to return again even after being struck down. With some effort the party silenced the skeletons and once more pressed further into the crypt. They entered a small shrine, dedicated to Bahamut, and found several small dragon statuettes made of platinum. Beyond the shrine stood a pair of massive stone doors leading to the main part of the crypt and the tomb of a fallen warrior…



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