Shards of Crystal

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 5 )

" name is Splug. I can help you!"

The party headed north in pursuit of the wounded goblin warrior. They came to a small room with three doors; one that led to a storeroom, one that led to the sounds of raised voices, and the last that led to the quiet sounds of dice being rolled and the clink of coins. The group chose to follow the sounds of coins, and came upon a pair of goblins quietly gambling with a small pile of silver.

Slate charged around the corner and upended the table sending it crashing into the two goblins and knocking to them to the floor. Soon the rest of the party had joined them but quickly found the room filling with goblins. The party held their ground as goblins continued to fill the room and a larger goblin with a crossbow entered and started barking orders to the rest of his fellows. However the goblins were no match for the party and were rapidly cut down. The leader goblin shrieked for help and started to run when a hobgoblin (the source of the raised voices) entered the room with a flaming hot poker. He led a small band of goblins who rushed the party from behind, where Kamal took the brunt of their attacks. The party met the new fight although it took their remaining strength to do so. Thunder rolled, arrows flew, blades sliced and cut and heads cracked under the morningstar’s might until all the goblins including the leader and hobgoblin were dead. Searching the goblins the party found that the hobgoblin wore magical hide armor and the goblin leader had a large stash of gold coins and a magic wand.

They party investigated the room where the hobgoblin came from and found a goblin prisoner named Splug. After some debate it was decided to keep the goblin along (as long as he remained useful) and that it would be Kamal’s job to watch him. Splug told the party that there were more hobgoblins to the west, a room where the goblins were digging for treasure to the East and dark places to the south where something lurked that “eats everything, goblins, hobgoblins, rats….everything.”

They went to the room where the goblins where digging and found some goblins and guard drakes. The goblins threw vials that exploded in fire while the guard drakes tried to chew on Shale and Slate. The party was hard pressed but finally cleared the room and found an old holy symbol dedicated to Bahamut. They rested and then headed down a set of rough stairs that led downward.



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