Shards of Crystal

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 15)

The Warchief's Last Stand

With the immediate danger to Winterhaven dealt with, the party returned to the keep to deal with the last of Kalarel servants and put an end to the high priest’s plots.

The party returned to the area where they suspected that the hobgoblin mercenaries had been barracked and Seeley and Rozca crept forward to determine where the remaining troops were and what their numbers might be. The pair swiftly determined that there were two groups of hobgoblins one that were stationed in the barracks and another smaller group that was in some chambers south of them. The smaller group seemed to be having some kind of argument and the party decided to use the distraction to their benefit.

Setting up positions with Slate, Shale, Rozcaa nd Del taking the lead with Kamal and Seeley providing support, they lured the hobgoblins out. Quickly the battle was joined and the hobgoblin warchief whipping his troops into line. As the hobgoblins began to falter reinforcements arrived from the northern barracks. Unfortunately for the reinforcements Kamal and Seeley were ready and waiting for them. Between the elven archer and the half-elf wizard they managed to bottle up the reinforcements long enough so that the warchief and his guards were slain. The party then turned to the remaining hobgoblins and made short work of them.

Among the warchief’s effects was 380gps and the enchanted shortsword Foe Render.

With the last of the hobgoblin mercenaries put to the sword, the party looked towards the last of Kalarel’s defenses.



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