Shards of Crystal

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 14)

Death is only the beginning.

The party revived Kamal and then discussed what to do with “Ninaran”. During the interrogation the party learned that the woman they had captured was not Ninaran and had murdered the elven huntress and taken her place over a year ago. Allora was a wild elf from Aina’Tol, and like Seeley had been chosen to be a Wanderer. Allora left the Holy Isles seventy-five years ago and during her time on the mainland had become bitter and resentful of her kin and her “banishment”. Finally she turned to Orcus for a means to get her revenge on her people.

The renegade confessed to the murders in Winterhaven and before she was executed she told Seeley to “remember my name, we will meet again”. After Slate beheaded her, her body decomposed at a rapid rate leaving only her longbow Firecaster behind. Seeley claimed the bow stating that Allora hadn’t been worthy of such a weapon.

With the last of Orcus’s servants defeated in Winterhaven, the party returned to the inn to prepare for their final assault on the Keep.



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