Shards of Crystal

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 11)

Corridors of the Cube

As the party entered the curiously clean area of the keep they made sure to check all of the alcoves to make sure nothing was lurking there waiting to ambush them. Unfortunately what was lurking in one of these alcoves was a dreaded gelatinous cube. Unknowing, the party turned their back to the voracious cube and moved to the south where they could see a larger room. Seeley was nominated to inspect the alcoves further to determine if there were any secret passageways, and she headed back as the rest of the party moved forward. Seeley walked straight into the cube as it slowly advanced towards the party, and then she found herself quickly engulfed by the creature.

The party quickly turned back to help their scout but as they turned their attention to the cube a pair of rotted corpses started to make their way from the southern room towards the party. Del and Shale held the undead monsters at bay while Kamal, Rozca, and Slate first pulled Seeley from the cube and then fought the monster back. The cube seemed nonplussed by the adventurers and was determined to get a meal. Del channeled the power of the Raven Queen and pushed the undead back into the room to the south. For what seemed like hours the party fought on two fronts until finally the cube and the undead were put down.

After the party collected themselves they found a pair of small sarcophagi, carved in the style of the Nerath Kingdom. On the tombs they found the names “Drystan Keegan” and “Ceinwein Keegan”, and determined that these had been the final resting place of Sir Keegan’s two children and that the power of portal below had corrupted their remains and turned them into the undead. Del noted that the spirits of the children were now at rest, and Rozca found a small chest with the likeness of Bahamut carved onto it. Inside the chest was the moldering clothes of a young boy and girl along with a small gold medallion (250gp) with the boy’s name carved into the back, a thin platinum bracelet (200gp) with the girl’s name etched into it. Also they found several toys and a hairbrush with a mother-of-pearl handle (5gp), and an amulet which Kamal identified as being a Safewing Amulet +1.



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