Shards of Crystal

Keep on the Shadowfell (part 10)

Hobnails and Wreaths

The party quickly hid themselves and the hobgoblin reinforcements arrived. As the party spied on the hobgoblins they could see that that there were many more of them than had been in the guardrooms and they were led by a hobgoblin in robes.

Despite their best efforts the party were spotted by the hobgoblin patrol and found themselves in the thick of battle. Kamal and Seeley managed to bottleneck the hobgoblins with a flurry of magic and a covering volley of arrows, which prevented the hobgoblins from using their superior numbers before the adventurers had a chance to thin their ranks. As the hobgoblins pressed forward they found a veritable wall of steel and magic before them that they could not overcome. Soon the hobgoblins lay on the floor and Rozca joked that the party could now celebrate “Tiefling Christmas”.

The hobgoblins defeated, the party continued further into the keep. Kamal and Del used their training in the Arcane to sense any sources of magic that might be nearby but they could not sense anything. So the decision was made to follow the corridors to the west where Seeley noted there was more dust on the floor than in other parts of the keep. The group came to a closed door and as they opened it, Seeley noticed that the area behind the door was strangely lacking in dust…



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